Public Safety

Having served our nation for over three decades in the United States Air Force, Senator Roth knows that keeping our communities and neighborhoods safe is not only critical to preserving the American Dream, it is also his most important responsibility in the State Senate.

Roth has been praised by a broad coalition of law enforcement officials as one of the greatest champions for public safety in the Legislature.  Roth has partnered with the Riverside Police Officers Association to champion legislation that will protect police officers that are shot or stabbed, and firefighters who are catastrophically injured in the line of duty, by ensuring they have more time to recover from the injuries they have suffered while protecting our families and homes.

Roth has fought to ensure the law is on the side of the victims and survivors of sexual assault and domestic violence.  Partnering with the Riverside County District Attorney, Senator Roth authored legislation to make it easier for law enforcement to more effectively prosecute domestic abusers who use strangulation against their victims. Experts report that nearly a quarter of domestic abuse cases involve strangulation, making strengthening these laws an important tool for prosecuting abusers and protecting victims.

Roth also is fighting to ensure law enforcement has the tools necessary to vigorously enforce protective orders, which have been proven to be an effective tool in both protecting victims and in ensuring offenders are held accountable.  The law currently allows a defendant whose more serious offense lands them in state prison to receive a softer punishment for violation of a protective order than a defendant on probation.  Roth has authored commonsense legislation to close this dangerous loophole and make violations of all criminal restraining orders punishable according to the same stringent standard, holding offenders accountable across the board and protecting all victims.

By providing law enforcement with the tools it needs to protect victims and our public safety heroes, and by standing up for victims and law enforcement throughout our region and state, Senator Roth has proven time and again that he is the clear choice for public safety; that he will continue to fight to ensure law enforcement has what it needs to keep our families and neighborhoods safe.

What law enforcement is saying about Senator Roth’s measures to protect law enforcement and stand up for crime victims:

“RPOA is proud to sponsor SB 897, a commonsense measure that will protect frontline officers throughout California.  We thank Senator Roth for standing up for law enforcement by championing this important measure and look forward to continuing to work with him on this very important issue.”

− Riverside Police Officers Association President Brian C. Smith

“Both SB 870 and 883 are commonsense measures that will allow law enforcement to better protect victims of sexual assault and domestic violence. I thank Senator Roth for championing these important measures that will give law enforcement throughout our state the legal tools necessary to protect some of our most vulnerable citizens.”

                                                − Riverside County District Attorney Michael Hestrin


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