Jobs and the Economy
Senator Roth is at the forefront promoting economic growth. He authored California’s Aerospace Tax Credit to create thousands of jobs; helped deliver $3 million in tax credits for Riverside County businesses to expand; and pushed for state approval to construct Norco’s $20 million Silverlakes Esquestrian and Sports Park. Learn more.

Public Safety
Having served our nation for over three decades in the United States Air Force, Senator Roth knows that keeping our communities and neighborhoods safe is not only critical to preserving the American Dream, it is also his most important responsibility in the State Senate. Learn more.

Senator Roth helped restore over $600,000 for “Work for Warriors “ to place veterans in jobs. He co-authored the $600 million Veteran’s Housing Bond, with $12 million recently approved for Riverside County. Roth helped secure $3 million for a “Strike Team” to reduce the disability claims backlog for veterans. Learn more.

Health Care
Senator Roth led the fight for the UCR Medical School, winning critical and ongoing funding in the state budget. Roth also made health coverage for local residents a priority, supporting outreach efforts that resulted in a Riverside County health care insurance enrollment rate that exceeded all goals. Learn more.

Senator Roth knows the value of education for all Californians.  As a champion for our students, he has fought for initiatives and increased funding at all levels, from early childhood to kindergarten, to community college on to UC and CSU.  Senator Roth believes we need to provide our students with the skills necessary to advance our regional economy and ensure California continues to be a global leader in innovation, entrepreneurism and technology development. Learn more.

Water and the Drought
Senator Roth was an early supporter of Proposition 1, the California Water Bond, which provides $7.5 billion for water quality investments, including groundwater cleanup, water storage and projects that replenish groundwater.   Roth has helped pass legislation to protect drinking water and expand water conservation programs. Learn more.



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