Senator Roth knows the value of education for all Californians.  As a champion for our students, he has fought for initiatives and increased funding at all levels, from early childhood to kindergarten, to community college on to UC and CSU.  Senator Roth believes we need to provide our students with the skills necessary to advance our regional economy and ensure California continues to be a global leader in innovation, entrepreneurism and technology development.

That’s why Senator Roth’s “Pathways to Higher Education” conferences have been so important for our region, connecting over 1,000 students, including many first-generation students, and their families with the resources they need to make college a reality.

Senator Roth believes that investing in our students must start at the earliest level possible, and that’s why he supported making a targeted, $265 million investment in early care and learning.  The investment will not only expand access to quality care that supports the educational development of our children, it will also create more than 13,000 new slots for early care and learning.

Senator Roth worked with his colleagues in the Legislature and the Governor to champion the California Career Pathways Trust, which will deploy over $250 million dollars throughout the State to make sure our students have the resources they need to secure gainful careers.  In 2015, this program brought nearly $13 million toward student success to Riverside County’s community colleges.

Empowering our schools and teachers by giving them the resources and support they need to improve our students’ futures has been one of Senator Roth’s top priorities.  That’s why as a member of the Senate Budget and Fiscal Review Committee, Senator Roth supported investing more than $68 billion in K-14 schools and programs.  That’s almost $10,000 per pupil, an increase of 15 percent in just two years.

And by making targeted investments in the University of California and California State University, nearly 15,000 more students will be able to attend college and graduate on time.  By restoring CalGrant eligibility at private, non-profit schools, more students will be able to attend the college of their choice.  

Senator Roth continues to stand up for our veterans, by voting to exempt them from being forced to pay higher, non-resident tuition at California’s community colleges, UC and CSU simply because of their veteran status.

Senator Roth has supported the Career Technical Education (CTE) Incentive Grant, which will deploy nearly $1 billion over the next three years for local educational agencies to establish new or expand high-quality CTE programs in areas with low-income, foster-youth students, higher-than-average dropout rates and areas of high unemployment.

Senator Roth believes it is critical that our state invest in opportunities for all students, from GED’s to Ph.Ds.  We need Californians with talent and skills at every level and in every field to be truly competitive in the 21st century’s global economy, and Senator Roth will continue to fight for all California’s students.


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